Recycled Goods From Materials We Have Reclaimed

Recycled Goods From Materials We Have Reclaimed



In 2011, Columbia expanded into plastics recycling. We specialize in extruding and pelletizing synthetic fibers. In this department, we extrude pure synthetic threads such as nylon and polypropylene. We will also extrude nylon softback carpet as well. Lastly, we will be extruding post-consumer products in the form of nylon and polypropylene.

Baled Fiber

Columbia Recycling Corp. specializes in sorting many, different fibers. We have available nylon, polyester, mix, and polypropylene. We even have softback post-industrial fiber in nylon 6. All of our fiber is tested up to five times during the sorting process. We do this to monitor the quality of our product. We understand that your company wishes to be supplied with quality material; this is why we check, check, and check our product.



Columbia Recycling Corp. opens fiber for your carpet cushion needs. We will open polyester, polypropylene, or mix. We will even make custom blends for customers. We are here to serve all your shoddy needs.